Thursday, October 9, 2008

All social media is local

This is an Edelman Web Seminar which seems very interesting and can accessed through Steve Rubel's blog:

On another note, just like Steve Rubel wrote, all media is social (damn right!). He wrote:

"Folks, it's time for all of us, especially "The Joes," to give ourselves the self-respect we deserve by calling all of this work "media." Otherwise, by continuing to propagate the term "social media" we're just reserving our seat at the kids table for our little cut up pieces of chicken. it's time to feast on drumsticks like the adults do. Google doesn't delineate. So why should we?"

His blog is awesome (I obviously like it). You can read his postings by clicking here.


Sam said...

Sounds interesting

Anonymous said...

I love his blog as well. I always find interesting stuff there. Highly recommend signing up for the email alerts.



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